About Us

Our History:

East Bay Prisoner Support formed in 2007 as an prison abolitionist, anti-authoritarian collective. We establish solidarity with prisoners by providing free, radical political literature that is otherwise largely inaccessible behind prison walls. Our primary projects include distributing decolonial, queer liberation, anti-capitalist, black, brown and indigenous oriented literature to prisoners by request. We also send an abundance of resource guides relevant to the many struggles and needs that prisoners have. When possible, we strive to participate in local events as well as fundraising for prisoners who are a part of the struggle against all forms of domination.


Write us to find out how to join the assembly line and for other ways of collaborating:  eastbayprisonersupport@protonmail.com

Help Us Reach Prisoners:

If you send in a periodical to prisons, we encourage you to include our address below in your next publication so that people on the inside have an opportunity to request one of our catalogs.

East Bay Prisoner Support

PO BOX 22449

Oakland, CA 94609


Help keep EBPS going. Venmo us to keep our supplies stocked so we can do what we do. @eastbayprisonersupport