The Jury is Out, Steven Jablonski is a Grand Liar

Regarding Steven Jablonski’s Deceptions, Grand Juries and Sensible Solidarity

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Lessons Learned:

1. Don’t be afraid to respectfully question or challenge those who are being targeted by the state. Moreover, don’t look down on those who choose to be critical in a sensitive moment.

2. Encourage those experiencing repression to document (with cameras, with notes written down immediately after, etc.) and make public instances of harassment. This is important for countless reasons, not only to demonstrate that said instances actually occurred.

3. Do not idolize a person or forgive their shitty behavior with the excuse that they are a victim and therefore too fragile to reflect on their actions.

4. Responding to repression is a collective responsibility. Individuals are singled out and targeted but the true goal is often to weaken, destabilize, and spread paranoia among a group of people. Make informed decisions together!

5. Gossip less and practice respectful confrontation between comrades. The better our communication and ability to resolve conflicts, the less the state (or plain manipulative assholes) can exploit our weaknesses.

What To Do if You Receive a Subpoena:

If you are served with a subpoena, call the National Lawyers Guild Hotline or call a criminal defense attorney immediately.

DO NOT KEEP YOUR SUBPOENA A SECRET. Everyone is safer (including you) if as many people as possible know what is happening and can coordinate support activities accordingly.

IF APPROACHED, DO NOT TALK TO THE FBI. NOT EVEN IF IT’S “JUST A CHAT.” The Feds are trained to manipulate you into sharing information. You are not legally required to talk to them or to open your door to them. Be brave, say nothing, and contact a lawyer immediately.

Links on GJ Resistance:

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Steve’s Video:

Video of his attempt to prove he did have a GJ subpoena.  It’s password protected. password: pizza