This page contains a selection of significant articles from various medias that we feel are important reads. Please alert us of any noteworthy news we miss.

Articles By EBPS

Celebration and Resistance! Recently Released Eco-Prisoner

Station 40 Celebration with Eric McDavid and anti-repression activists

Notes from the Pen

Article on the Army of Twelve Monkeys

Notes on a San Francisco Grand Jury

Critique recent local Grand Jury

Support the Striking Prisoners

Anarchist perspective on the recent West Coast Hunger Strike

Local News

Triple Tech Bus Blockade with Teachers at Fairmont Elementary School

Teachers react to tech buses taking private parking spots at school by blocking them

Statement Regarding January 8 Courtroom Chaos

Bay of Rage article about the courtroom craziness during Jack’s sentencing, with a video of police abuse too.

Confronting the Many Faces of Repression

from the OO Anti-repression Committee

FBI loses the suit against the Long Haul(EBPS)

Discusses the outcome of our lawsuit

California Prisoners Gang Truce

Bay View article about Pelican Bay prisoners organized into a gang-truce

Jack’s Sentencing

Our report of the resistance and arrest of comrades during Jack’s sentencing

National/Global News

Mexican Prisons Open Letter of Amelie Pelletier and Fallon Poisson

Fallon’s and Amelie’s statement problematizing forms of prisoner support.

Women’s Prison Mass Jail Break After Inmates in Dominatrix Gear Handcuff Male Guards Expecting ‘Mass Orgy’

28 Women Break from Jail in Brazil

Never Surrender: Kerry Cunneen Subpoenaed to the NW Grand Jury

CAPR’s article outlining Kerry’s uncompromising position and CAPR’s insurrectionary views

Anti-Repression Resources

Anti-Repression Resources and Tips

ARC Library

Several articles from Anti Repression Committee

Stay Calm- Tips for times of repression

Local pamphlet distributed around

Denver ABC Resources

mostly from prisoners


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