Court Solidarity

Bay Area Anti-Repression Committee have been doing an amazing job with keeping track of court support and support for arrestees during protests.

If we strengthen a culture of anti-repression then those in the streets will be more willing to take risks.  Those arrested will have more support while navigating the court system or levels of incarceration.  Law enforcement will face more obstacles in their attempts to lock people up.  And hopefully support networks will grow, because those released will participate in future anti-repression efforts.

At it’s essence, court solidarity, is showing up to an arrestee’s court dates and being visible to arrestees and everyone else.  There are other roles to play that can be taken on.  Anti-Repression Committee has resources to assist with those efforts.  And sometimes Solidarity can extend to showing up to jail for those released and offering food, smokes, hot beverages or rides.


December 5, Renee Davidson Courthouse 9AM

Support those cited and released during the demonstrations against the election of Trump.





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